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Mister Baby 4 Packs Wipes Bundle - 72 pcs

Mister Baby 4 Packs Wipes Bundle - 72 pcs
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Mister Baby 4 Packs Wipes Bundle - 72 pcs

Dermatological Test Pediatric Test New Born skin is subjected daily to cleaning especially in the most delicate parts of the body, it can lead to redness and irritation Soft fabrication woven facilitate cleansing of the baby respecting even the most sensitive skin. Enriched with the Innovative NMF7 complex for effective protection by strengthening the natural defenses of the body skin. enriched of plant extracts and rice proteins that provide effective protection, emollient and soothing action. Oat extract the natural miracle substance eases skin irritations, stops itching and has anti-inflammatory. also improve the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Oat extract nourishes and protects the protective layer of the sensitive skin of babies and infants alike. Chamomile extract soothes the skin and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect For gentle cleaning of Hands, Face and Bottom.

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